German football suffers from a culture of over-reliance on painkillers as players race to recover from injuries, according to a new documentary set to be broadcast on Tuesday.Ex-professionals from across the Bundesliga told documentary makers that players throughout the amateur and professional ranks have slipped into a habit of abusing pain-relieving drugs in order to shorten the recovery time after injuries.A number of doping experts also contributed to the investigation, which makes for a damning indictment of German football culture behind the scenes.BundesligaHoffenheim sack coach Schreuder over planning differencesUnion Berlin defender Nevan Subotic said: “What I’ve seen in the past fourteen years is that ibuprofen is eaten as if they were Smarties,” whilst Hans Geyer who works for a doping lab in Cologne added: “Painkillers can improve performance and pose a health threat. And in my opinion it also goes against the ethics of the sport if you cannot do without painkillers.” also says that the clubs hardly provide any information to their players on what they are taking, and that individuals often find themselves under pressure to hurry themselves back from lay-offs. “They are under pressure to get players fit again as soon as possible. It has become a systematic practice.” Toni Graf-Baumann, a member of the German Football Association’s anti-doping committee, agrees: “Money, sponsors, excessive salaries and the media play much greater role than sports for medical reasons.”And Jonas Hummels, brother of Dortmund star Mats Hummels who plays at Unterhaching in the third division, said: Tell me nine times that I take too many painkillers and have to stop, then I don’t listen nine times.Former Roda JC player Dani Schahin reveals that for the past three or four years, he has been unable to play football without painkillers, and the documentary also shows the results of a survey of 1,142 amateur footballers taking pain killers repeatedly for a season.BundesligaBundesliga Five Truths: Powerful protests, Lewandowski landmark and new starsBundesliga’We wanted to make a clear statement’ – Brandt on Dortmund protest

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