BRUSSELS: The Belgian Pro League announced on Sunday that it had postponed for the third time a meeting which will decide whether to end the season because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The Pro League Board of Directors has today decided to postpone the General Assembly from May 4 to May 15,” the league said in a statement.

The board of directors of the Pro League recommended on April 2 that the season be declared over, but this needs to be approved at a general meeting.
One was scheduled for April 15 but postponed first until April 24 and then to Monday before Sunday’s decision to push back the meeting another 11 days.
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]]>The league said that clubs — who are mostly in favour of ending the season — are awaiting advice from Belgium’s National Security Council before making a final decision.
However a restart looks unlikely as the Belgian government has banned all mass gatherings until August 31, and the Belgian football federation says that even a match behind closed doors would mobilise at least 400 people.

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