This is usually the time of year sports nuts live for.

In any normal year, we’d be glued to our TVs watching March Madness while keeping up with the latest NBA playoff chases. MLB’s Opening Day would be just around the corner.

The Masters wouldn’t be far away. This is usually the time of the sports calendar when it’s worth taking a few days off of work just to keep up with everything.

This is usually the point where I’d point out that unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know know none of that is anywhere close to happening.

But even if you were somehow living under a rock, somebody would have probably found a way to tell you to get inside and stay put.

The COVID-19 outbreak has forced college and pro sports leagues to halt everything for at least another month and possibly longer.

March Madness is officially March Sadness.

The NBA and NHL are still working on contingency plans for finishing the regular season and playoffs starting later in the spring.

Opening Day will likely be pushed back closer to the summer and all other events will hopefully be played at some point.

In short, there is the potential for a summer filled with major sporting events usually reserved for earlier in the year.

If that happens, it will lead to quite an entertaining few months. But while everyone is being advised to stay in the houses, live sporting events are nearly impossible to find.

It was after work on a recent Saturday night when I realized exactly how bad my current sports choices were.

I scanned through the channels hoping for anything that might draw my interest. I came up short on all fronts.

That led me to checking out a list of some of the programs that had been watched over the last few days. I laughed while pointing out to my wife the various bad sports movies on display.

I handed over the remote to let her make her own choices on the night’s program. I’m guessing at some point, I’ll have enough brownie points to last the rest of the year when the sports calendar finally restarts.

She picked out a show I’ve already forgotten about before falling asleep not long after.

That’s when I grabbed the remote and went back to that list of movies.

About five minutes later, I was watching a montage of Michael Jordan highlights. Not just any montage. These were the ones in the opening credits of ‘‘Space Jam.’’

OK. I admit it. I was watching ‘‘Space Jam.’’

Around the time that highlight package ended, my son Cameron walked in and asked what I was watching.

Being an 11-year-old boy, he may be slightly past the Looney Tunes.

Being a 39-year-old man, one would think I might be as well.

But as the “Monstars” took the floor to take on Michael Jordan and the rest of the “Tune Squad,” we were both glued to the TV.

At the time we were hoping to watch SFA clinch another Southland Conference title, we were watching the “Monstars” meet their match.

When we should have been watching the latest highlight show, we were debating between the next not-so-boring thing to put on TV.

It didn’t quite end there.

In the nights since, sports have taken a backseat to my wife’s favorite shows of ‘’American Idol’’ and ‘’The Voice.’’

Then when it’s time to finally get the TV, we’ve watched ‘‘Glory Road’’ and ‘‘Cool Runnings.’’

Spoiler alert: Texas Western wins. The Jamaican bobsled team doesn’t.

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll have to see how America fares against Russia in “Miracle,” and we’ll hope for the best as G-Baby and the Kekambas take on the rest of the Little League in ‘‘Hardball.’’

Hopefully America wins again and G-Baby gets a different fate. My fingers are crossed.

I’m sure ‘‘Caddyshack,’’ ‘‘Field of Dreams,’’ ‘‘Rocky,’’ ‘‘Bull Durham’’ and ‘‘Major League’’ won’t be hard to find.

We’ll root for the Durham Bulls, Rocky Balboa and the Cleveland Indians while counting down the days when we can root for the Rockets, Astros and Cowboys.

We’ll get through this together, even when fiction has to take the place of actual sports.

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