3. Many around NFL excited for Devin Singletary’s future

Former NFL running back and current Redskins radio network analyst Clinton Portis joined One Bills Live this week and discussed his thoughts on Devin Singletary’s rookie season.

Portis is from Florida and went to the University of Miami, so he was familiar with Singletary when he played at FAU. The Miami grad also overlapped for one season, 2001, with Frank Gore. Portis is proud of the way Gore took Singletary under his wing.

“First off I look at the guy that is mentoring him, Frankie G is a hell of a ball player,” Portis said. “He is a first ballot Hall of Famer and a former teammate of mine. I know the work that Frankie G puts in. I know he adores Singletary and takes him under his wing.”

Portis jokingly said he wishes Singletary would have gone to Miami over FAU based on his production in college. After watching Singletary in his first season in the NFL, Portis is excited for his future.

“I got the opportunity to speak to him at FAU and I watched him in college,” Portis said. “I talked to him after the draft and seeing him in Buffalo, it’s really exciting to me because that’s one of those names that no one was talking about in the draft. No one was on the Singletary bandwagon saying this guy is going to be great. All of a sudden you overlook so many guys. I think it’s just having the right focus, having the right mindset. I think he has that focus, that determination to go out and take care of his family and feed his family. He loves football. Those are the kind of players you have to have within an organization, college or NFL.”

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