Image Source : GETTY IMAGES Barcelona mull slashing players’ salaries amid coronavirus crisis Amid the coronavirus outbreak which has stalled the sporting world, Spanish soccer giants FC Barcelona will decide next week whether to temporarily reduce the salaries of some first-team players to tackle the economic impact. According to ESPN, Barcelona CEO Oscar Grau is in talks with La Liga and other clubs around Europe so that they take concerted measures to address the impact of the coronavirus, the report said. “It is vital for Barcelona’s financial stability,” sources from the club said. “Other clubs have already done their job but Barca must keep fighting for the La Liga title and for continuing to advance in the Champions League.” FC Barcelona is the first club in history to have an average individual salary in excess of 11 million euros a year, according to the Global Sports Salary Survey. There might not be any temporary layoffs but according to the report, due to the absence of income, players might need to cut their wages while games remain suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has claimed over 11,000 lives across the world.

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