COLUMBUS, Ohio — Nick Foligno recently was lauding the quiet leadership of teammate Zach Werenski when the Blue Jackets captain added the phrase “he tries to go about his business.”

Like a batter checking his swing, Foligno attempted to stop himself midsentence.

“I hate when I say that because it’s like, ‘I sound like Torts again,’” Foligno said.

Elvis Presley made “Taking care of business” a mantra. John Tortorella has made “Going about our business” and “Going about his business” earworms for hundreds of his players over the past two decades.

The dog-loving, Penguin-hating, Stanley Cup-winning coach will be behind the bench for his 400th game with the Blue Jackets late in March. His veteran players are well versed in Torts Talk. Just like the ones previously in Tampa Bay and New York.

Poor Brandon Dubinsky will need to live to be 100 years old to forget all of Tortorella’s references to “juice,”…

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