The Greek government He signed a joint statement on Tuesday with the two main world football organizations, UEFA and FIFA, with the aim of improving the current conditions of football in that country on issues such as arbitration, corruption and violence in stadiums.The meeting took place between the prime minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the president of the UEFA, Aleksander Ceferin and the vice president of the FIFA, Greg Clarke.The agreement will activate the creation of an in-depth study of Hellenic football, from which specific measures will be taken that “will be implemented in the next season”, according to Mitsotakis.“I hope that Greece be a football power again, like when he won the Euro Cup in 2004, “he said Ceferin, representing European football.The emphasis on reforming the arbitration system comes after almost two years of clashes between the great teams and the Greek arbitration squad, with the memory of the infamous incident in which the owner of the PAOK, Ivan Savvidis, jumped into the field with a gun in protest against a controversial action in a match against the AEK from AthensFaced with the threats of leaving the national team unable to compete, the Helena Federation had to accept that it was the foreign colleges named by FIFA who arbitrated in the most important matches.Allegations of restraint by OlympiacosHowever, the decision was nothing more than a patch, generating accusations of adjustment by teams such as the Olympiacos, which two months ago saw how its directive came to the hands of the Volos, in what ended up being a pitched battle. The arbitrators went on strike in December for the violence.This rethinking of the structure of Greek football is not the first action that the Government of the conservative New Democracy party, elected with an absolute majority last summer, has taken with respect to the king sport.Earlier this month, the Executive intervened to stop the descent of two Greek Super League clubs, PAOK of Thessaloniki Y Xanthi, because both belong to Savvidis.

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