The Super Bowl is one of the biggest televised events in the United States. Even those that have no regular interest in the NFL often free up their schedules in order to watch the big game. Naturally, you shouldn’t need to be a big football fan to know simply who won the game and who didn’t.

A Target department store in Livermore, California forgot who won Super Bowl LIV… and who lost.

However, a Target department store in California’s Bay Area was caught red-handed posters depicting the San Francisco 49ers as… Super Bowl LIV champions?This is a cruel joke to play on 49ers fans, as they had to go through the pain of watching their team blow a double-digit Super Bowl lead to the Kansas City Chiefs. How did nobody catch this before it had a chance to go on sale?It boggles the mind.This oversight from Target is about as odious as it gets. For it to happen in the 49ers’ own back yard only makes it worse.Related slideshow: Best photos of Super Bowl LIV (provided by imagn)

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