Charlie Nicholas returns with his latest round of Premier League predictions

Charlie Nicholas returns for his latest round of Premier League predictions with a look ahead to Liverpool vs Manchester United and Burnley vs Leicester, both live on Renault Super Sunday.
Newcastle vs Chelsea – Saturday Night Football, live from 5pm on Sky Sports Premier League, kick-off 5.30pm 2:59 FREE TO WATCH: Highlights from Chelsea’s win against Burnley FREE TO WATCH: Highlights from Chelsea’s win against Burnley I have never seen injuries like it at Newcastle. It may have been Rochdale but Steve Bruce wanted his side to get through. He is not particularly fighting a relegation battle but how things could materialise could mean that they end up doing so. There is still a lot of work to done.Newcastle are sitting on 26 points and may need 40 to survive – we are looking at around four wins and two draws. They may have to play this like an away game. The fans will not like it but they are down to the bare bones. Chelsea are strong away from home and can hit on the counter-attack if Newcastle leave that option open. Newcastle vs Chelsea January 18, 2020, 5:00pm Live on Chelsea will want to keep the gap to Wolves, Manchester United, Sheffield United, Tottenham and Arsenal. They will not want to go too inconsistent, as they will be concerned again.CHARLIE PREDICTS: 1-3 (11/1 with Sky Bet)Burnley vs Leicester – Renault Super Sunday, live from 1pm on Sky Sports Premier League, kick-off 2pm 2:59 FREE TO WATCH: Highlights from Southampton’s win over Leicester City FREE TO WATCH: Highlights from Southampton’s win over Leicester City Burnley are right in the mix at the bottom. The only two people we genuinely talk about are Chris Wood and Ashley Barnes. They have never been consistent goalscorers; they may get 12 or 10, perhaps jump up to 15, but that is not enough to be a top-half team, unless they have wide players or midfielders, like Jeff Hendrick or Dwight McNeil.These people have not been talked about for a while. At the back, the vulnerability is there and is certainly questionable. When you try to break Burnley down and understand, it is so hard to predict. Leicester can take the physicality but they want teams to come at them. Leicester have lost a little bit, and after the heavy defeat at Liverpool, they may have been questioned, especially the players by Brendan Rodgers. Burnley vs Leicester January 19, 2020, 1:00pm Live on James Maddison, Jamie Vardy, and Harvey Barnes had a reality check of the level they are trying to achieve. Vardy can be quiet for 75 minutes and score a goal, that is Jamie Vardy and he can hurt you all of the time. Leicester will falter and come off the gas, but this is what happens with that style of play. Burnley are digging their heels in at the minute, it will not be glamorous and Leicester will try to get it down but will be harassed.CHARLIE PREDICTS: 1-1 (6/1 with Sky Bet)Liverpool vs Manchester United – Renault Super Sunday, live from 4pm on Sky Sports Premier League, kick-off 4.30pm 3:00 FREE TO WATCH: Highlights from Liverpool’s win over Tottenham FREE TO WATCH: Highlights from Liverpool’s win over Tottenham Manchester United are going there scared. For the first time in many years, you could see Liverpool giving them a proper hiding. What does that mean for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer? What does that mean for the young players? Marcus Rashford is carrying them.Man United will not want to be embarrassed, but if Liverpool score quickly and get their two full-backs bombing, it could spell trouble. Liverpool vs Man Utd January 19, 2020, 4:00pm Live on I am not saying this is easy to do, but Liverpool have something within them right now that is saying they are not giving up the belief that they can go unbeaten. Liverpool have kept six successive clean sheets and that is telling us they have tightened up there.United proved me wrong at the Etihad and they may do so again – but I can only see a very comfortable Liverpool win. This is Anfield, the crowd will want blood and for Liverpool to give them more; it is one of these days where Liverpool will flex their muscles, say they will be champions, and that is what I think will materialise.CHARLIE PREDICTS: 3-0 (9/1 with Sky Bet)Watford vs Tottenham – Saturday, 12.30pm 2:59 FREE TO WATCH: Highlights from Watford’s win over Bournemouth FREE TO WATCH: Highlights from Watford’s win over Bournemouth Tottenham will miss Harry Kane. They have survived before but he is their best player, so they will miss him. They have the same defence that they have had in the last three or four years. They still play the likes of Toby Alderweireld, Jan Vertonghen, Danny Rose, Eric Dier and Harry Winks just in front, as well as adding Davinson Sanchez to that over the years. Where is the crisis? Is there really that much to worry about?I heard the Tottenham fans were having a pop at Christian Eriksen. Why are they booing him? Did they boo Vertonghen, Alderweireld or Rose? No. Why focus on Christian Eriksen? He has been a fabulous player for them. They are back to being pessimists and searching for excuses.Nigel Pearson has been honest and told his Watford team that they are good players. The defence are listening to Pearson as he knows what he is doing in that department. They are getting more and more belief, despite this being a tough match.CHARLIE PREDICTS: 2-1 (11/1 with Sky Bet)Arsenal vs Sheffield United – Saturday, 3pm 2:59 FREE TO WATCH: Highlights from Sheffield United’s victory against West Ham FREE TO WATCH: Highlights from Sheffield United’s victory against West Ham Sheffield United may have been drained from going to Manchester City and Liverpool over the festive period, which is no surprise.They got lucky against West Ham last week, and there was not a comfort zone there where they looked natural and could squeeze the game. They can go and squeeze Arsenal as they take a risk at the back. If they can get at them for 20-25, they might just start to give them doubt.Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is out and quite rightly, so, there is no debate about that, but Arsenal can adjust. They need more from Nicolas Pepe, but Alexandre Lacazette can turn it around for them and Mikel Arteta can ask him to be in the penalty box more. It was only a draw at Crystal Palace, but they should have had the game won in the first 45 minutes.Arsenal are only seven points above the drop zone, and I do not see that materialising but they are closer to that than they are to Chelsea. I will go for an Arsenal win, but it will take them some time to break Sheffield United down.CHARLIE PREDICTS: 3-1 (14/1 with Sky Bet)Super 6: More Lessons for the Blades?Sheffield United have lost their last two away games after being unbeaten for the duration before that. Super 6 players seem to have lost faith, with 68 per cent backing another win for Mikel Arteta’s men. Will you go against the grain? Play for free here.Brighton vs Aston Villa – Saturday, 3pm 2:59 FREE TO WATCH: Highlights from Manchester City’s win over Aston Villa FREE TO WATCH: Highlights from Manchester City’s win over Aston Villa I was having a chat with Jeff on Friday and Saturday – he was having a go when I went 0-5 for Manchester City, but the signs were there for Villa, and I got the margin of victory correct. Wesley is out, but what has he done that means they will dramatically miss him? Defensively, they are wide open and do not get the proper protection from the midfielders.I do admire Dean Smith, as he wants to attack. He wants to play Jack Grealish in a forward position more than he likes but I like him there. Anwar El Ghazi is playing up there too despite Villa buying all of these attacking players. They need to get their basics back; the three centre-backs were excellent at Leicester but were left exposed against Manchester City, as the protectors did not do their job and went missing.Brighton are not playing bad enough to be in the position they are. Glenn Murray should have got the equaliser last week at Everton, and that would have nicked a nice draw at Goodison Park. They could have easily got something from it. Brighton are a team that can hold their own, especially at home.CHARLIE PREDICTS: 2-1 (15/2 with Sky Bet)Super 6: More Misery for the Villains?A hefty 58 per cent of Super 6 entrants are expecting Aston Villa to stay in the relegation zone as they take the trip to The Amex, while only one in five players have tipped Dean Smith’s side for victory. What score will take your fancy, with £250k up for grabs? Play for free.Manchester City vs Crystal Palace – Saturday, 3pm 2:59 FREE TO WATCH: Highlights from the 1-1 draw between Crystal Palace and Arsenal FREE TO WATCH: Highlights from the 1-1 draw between Crystal Palace and Arsenal I sense something that Manchester City are ready to come alive again. I may sound daft, but it was as though they needed the first half of the season out of the way. They have their foot in the door for the Carabao Cup final, while they are in a good position for the Champions League. It was as if the injuries to Aymeric Laporte and Leroy Sane made Pep Guardiola ask if he was getting enough from Sergio Aguero and Gabriel Jesus.He is getting more than enough from Kevin De Bruyne. I think he does want to play Phil Foden more but until David Silva goes, he may not fit in as much. It has been a massive mess at the back for them. Sadly, John Stones has been going backwards and I do not understand why. The only asset he is missing is confidence, and that has really affected him.Crystal Palace got a decent result against Arsenal, but I do not see them doing what they did before when Andros Townsend scored an unbelievable goal. I do not see Palace being much of a threat on the counter-attack so it will be another routine win for City.CHARLIE PREDICTS: 4-0 (8/1 with Sky Bet)Super 6: The ghosts of Seasons Past?Only one per cent of Super 6 players are hoping that Crystal Palace can repeat their miracles at the Etihad last season, with Andros Townsend scoring a screamer to send his side to a 3-2 victory at the Etihad? Will you go against the grain with £250k to be won?Norwich vs Bournemouth – Saturday, 3pm 2:56 FREE TO WATCH: Highlights from Manchester Utd’s win against Norwich FREE TO WATCH: Highlights from Manchester Utd’s win against Norwich Oh my! This is where Jeff’s wallet opens and then closes. There is always one game and you think will be tight, but you cannot call who will win here. It will be tight, but it will be tense.This is the game I quite like watching too as it will be exactly that. Who is confident enough to get on the ball? Who will make the difference? Who will make a mistake? Eddie Howe needs to get the balance right of attack and scoring goals but Bournemouth need to stop conceding.Norwich are in a must-win scenario where they sit eight points off with 16 games to go. Norwich will go after it, so we may get an open game of football. Bournemouth need something from it, a win may close the gap and lift the whole camp, for either side. I see tension, I see many mistakes, but I see this being a game with goals galore. This result will not help Norwich.CHARLIE PREDICTS: 3-3 (50/1 with Sky Bet)Super 6: Honours Even at Carrow Road?Although many have not gone for the spectacular 3-3 draw like Charlie, one in three Super 6 players believe these two sides will cancel each other out, but will you be daring and back the three points either way? Play here for free.Southampton vs Wolves – Saturday, 3pm 3:00 FREE TO WATCH: Highlights from Wolves’ draw against Newcastle FREE TO WATCH: Highlights from Wolves’ draw against Newcastle Wolves like the open play, while Southampton like to play away rather than at St Mary’s. Danny Ings is in the form of his life at the moment. Tottenham are talking about him currently, but he is in the happiest period of his life; he is guaranteed to play every weekend and is scoring, why would he be interested in moving?He has only been at Southampton for a short period and he is doing the business. If he is wanted, Southampton just need to show him some respect and he will stay. He has been there and done the whole sitting on the bench thing. The energy and drive is back at Southampton.Ralph Hasenhuttl has such a small group but he does not want to take a risk as the purchases have not been the best or worked out. Southampton are a bit like Watford, perhaps not as good but they may feel as good as Watford. Wolves are sitting seventh, but Southampton have jumped up to 12th in the table.If they beat Wolves, they go level with them. It is a remarkable table and league this season. For that reason I cannot separate them.CHARLIE PREDICTS: 1-1 (5/1 with Sky Bet)Super 6: The Saints go Marching on…Southampton have picked up 13 out of a possible 15 points from their last five matches, while 31 per cent of Super 6 contestants are predicting a tight 2-1 win for the hosts at St Mary’s. How will this one unfold, with £250k at stake? Play for free.West Ham vs Everton – Saturday, 3pm 2:59 FREE TO WATCH: Highlights from Everton’s win against Brighton FREE TO WATCH: Highlights from Everton’s win against Brighton What a cracking game. David Moyes, who I thought would get the Everton job, comes up against his old club once more. I have to be honest; I thought Everton fans were tremendously cruel to Moyes.He walks in the door at West Ham and everyone wonders how he will get on. He does have to prove a point and keep West Ham alive, but I did the Everton match and they only just deserved to win against Brighton. In the end, they were panicking.Carlo Ancelotti has picked up a couple of decent results but the scar and embarrassment of losing to Liverpool’s schoolboys still lingers. He will want to prove a point to Everton fans and really, he believes he should be back there. It looked as though it should have been his job, but they went with the fabulous Carlo Ancelotti and he is a different man.West Ham will be aggressive and get in their face. Everton are a talented bunch and they are an inconsistent bunch. I am going for narrow scorelines this weekend, so Jeff Stelling may be worried about the £250,000 jackpot going!CHARLIE PREDICTS: 2-1 (9/1 with Sky Bet) Super 6: Hammers to Fall?David Moyes faces former club Everton once more, but 21 per cent of Super 6 players are predicting a miserable day in management and a 2-1 loss for West Ham. What score will you predict? Play here for free. New Year, same Super 6! FREE TO PLAY: Do not miss your chance to land the £250,000 jackpot for the sixth time this season.

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