Pro Football Weekly’s Power Rankings are updated every Tuesday during the NFL’s regular season and intended to rank teams based on their talent and performance to date. Rankings will change each week because of personnel changes, injuries and performance, and a team’s ranking in any given week has no impact on where they might rank in weeks to come. Rankings will fluctuate a great deal more the first few weeks of the season as teams seek their levels and schedules balance out. These are PFW’s Power Rankings entering Week 15 of the 2019 season.
1. Ravens (11-2): All eyes in a short week on Baltimore injury report, which for the first time this season lists MVP favorite Lamar Jackson (quad), Week 10 illness notwithstanding.
2. 49ers (11-2): Their signature win in New Orleans came at great cost with Richburg done for the year, Sherman/Ford hamstrung.
3. Saints (10-3): Marcus Williams on wrong end in another epic finish; do Saints have legit concerns along last line of defense?

4. Seahawks (10-3): Losing Rashaad Penny for season really stings, but Seattle likely can lessen blow at any time by fully unleashing Russ.
5. Chiefs (9-4): What, you didn’t think winning in Foxborough in December would require help from the stripes? And Mahomes’ hand checked out OK. Win-win.
6. Patriots (10-3): Patriots lose at home in December for first time in four years … and it’s not their biggest problem this week. Spygate II? Your move, NFL.

7. Packers (10-3): The Packers got Aaron Jones back on track, which is huge, but will Aaron Rodgers follow suit in Minnesota? Debatable.
8. Vikings (9-4): The defense was very good … vs. David Blough’s Lions. Let’s see how it fares in L.A. against the Chargers and to close the season vs. Packers and Lions.
9. Bills (9-4): Josh Allen came down to earth, and Buffalo came within 16 yards of tying or beating the vaunted Ravens. Undoubtedly solid if unspectacular now.

10. Rams (8-5): Still need help but have helped themselves since Baltimore beatdown and now face season=defining two-game road trip against Cowboys, Niners.
11. Texans (8-5): Was that a trap game coming off huge Pats win? We’ll find out quickly with the AFC South still hanging in the balance and both games against Titans remaining.
12. Titans (8-5): A.J. Brown is everything they expected Corey Davis to be, only two years, a full round and a half in the draft later.

13. Steelers (8-5): Is Duck Hodges Pittsburgh’s version of Ryan Tannehill? Now 3-0 as the starter, with a 103.2 rating and 8.4-yard average per attempt — that’s nothing to quack at.
14. Bears (7-6): Where was the type of performance they put on Dallas last Thursday in the first 13 weeks? And can they repeat it three more times against tougher foes?
15. Eagles (6-7): Requiring overtime at home to rally past the 2-10 Giants is a microcosm of the NFC Least this year.

16. Bucs (6-7): Wouldn’t it be something if a broken right thumb is what finally makes Jameis Winston protect the football? In all seriousness, the Bucs are hot, but Mike Evans injury is rough.
17. Cowboys (6-7): It’s almost like calling out Garrett publicly after the narrow loss in Foxboro wasn’t the best idea.
18. Browns (6-7): Baker calling out his own medical staff. Odell pleading with his own opponents to rescue him from Cleveland. Just another week in the Factory of Sadness.

19. Colts (6-7): Fifth loss in the past six outings, and somehow each feels tougher than the previous one. That kind of season for the Colts.
20. Broncos (5-8): Drew Lock. That’s it. That’s the skinny.
21. Chargers (5-8): How does one not enjoy trash-talking Philip Rivers, even in another lost Chargers season?

22. Raiders (6-7): From playoff pipe dreams to being outscored 116-33 in three-game skid, Raiders fans deserve better than this.
23. Falcons (4-9): One of their best performances of the season in win No. 4, albeit against the spiraling Panthers.
24. Jets (5-8): Pretty nice Le’Veon Bell impression by Bilal Powell, well, save for the going bowling despite the flu supposedly preventing him from playing, of course.

25. Dolphins (3-10): Any chance they turn back to Josh Rosen at some point or…?
26. Panthers (5-8): Kyle Allen: 18 touchdowns, 19 turnovers and zero chance of remaining the starter under the next head coach in 2020.
27. Cardinals (3-9-1): They battled back from a big early deficit at home vs. Pittsburgh but Kyler Murray’s ball security suddenly an issue.

28. Lions (3-9-1): Still hard to get a read on what the Ford family is thinking about the Motown futures of Patricia, Quinn.
29. Washington (3-10): Have to feel for Derrius Guice, who suffered yet another serious knee injury, but at least Dwayne Haskins is improving.
30. Giants (3-10): If only they could’ve allowed Eli to ride off into the sunset at halftime Monday night …

31. Jaguars (4-9): We really had to resist the urge to put Jacksonville last. What an embarrassment, essentially failing to show up for five consecutive losses.
32. Bengals (1-12): Zac Taylor comes from the McVay tree and has the video-taping attention of the Patriots. Making quite a name for himself.

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