The greatest run in the eight-year history of the Sun’s NFL handicapping contest is upon us. Ray Brewer has hit 12 straight games, going undefeated in each of the last two weeks. That surpasses an 11-0-1 two-week heater from Taylor Bern in the inaugural year as the best stretch of all-time. The format has changed since then, arguably making Brewer’s streak even more impressive. Totals are no longer eligible as the contest now uses the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook’s Supercontest lines. The four competing sports writers are required to pick six games per week, including a two-point best bet. Read below for all of this week’s picks and best bets. Ray Brewer Points: 45.5 (38-27-1) Dolphins plus-10.5 at Browns Titans minus-3 vs. Jaguars Bills minus-4 vs. Broncos Giants plus-6 at Bears Eagles minus-2 vs. Seahawks Two-point best bet: Rams plus-3 vs. Ravens. The Rams’ defensive line, led by the best defender in football, Aaron Donald, will have a chance to contain Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson. Although the Rams’ offense ranks in the middle of the NFL in most categories, it still can be elite. Remember last year’s high-scoring attack? Not to mention that it is a great spot for Los Angeles on Monday Night Football against a team traveling three time zones for the game. Case Keefer Points: 43 (37-29) Buccaneers plus-4.5 at Falcons Patriots minus-6.5 vs. Cowboys 49ers minus-3.5 vs. Packers Eagles minus-2 vs. Seahawks Rams plus-3 vs. Ravens Two-point best bet: Jets plus-3 vs. Raiders. This is more or less my best bet by default, as every other side I really like is saddled with a bad number in the contest lines. That’s fine, though, as the Jets’ run defense presents such a major plus matchup. Justin Emerson Points: 39.5 (31-34-1) Dolphins plus-10.5 at Browns Bills minus-4 vs. Broncos Giants plus-6 at Bears Packers plus-3.5 at 49ers Ravens minus-3 vs. Rams Two-point best bet: Raiders minus-3 vs. Jets. We as a community all need to prepare for the possibility of a Raiders playoff run the year before they come to Las Vegas, raising expectations before next season’s 6-10 finish. But the Raiders have been legitimately good this year behind Derek Carr’s best season and a Josh Jacobs run at Rookie of the Year. This is a good test to show they’re for real, because a playoff team wouldn’t fail to cover against the Jets. Mike Grimala Points: 32.5 (25-39-2) Dolphins plus-10.5 at Browns Bills minus-4 vs. Broncos Buccaneers plus-4.5 at Falcons Lions minus-3.5 at Redskins Cowboys plus-6.5 at Patriots Two-point best bet: Seahawks plus-2 at Eagles. I don’t trust the Eagles’ running game enough to take advantage of the flimsy Seattle defense. If it’s close, Russell Wilson will find a way to cover (at least) or win outright (probably). Past Winners: 2012 — Case Keefer; 2013 — Case Keefer, Ray Brewer (tie); 2014 — Case Keefer; 2015 — Case Keefer; 2016 — Ray Brewer; 2017 — Case Keefer, Jesse Granger (tie); 2018 — Case Keefer Case Keefer can be reached at 702-948-2790 or [email protected]. Follow Case on Twitter at Back to top

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