Devin, Devin, Devin, come on, man. This is embarrassing. It appears that you are going to go through some things, if you know what I mean, Ace.

Per ABC News, mooo:

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., used funds from New PAC, his leadership political action committee, to purchase steak dinners, limo rides, and nearly $15,000 in Boston Celtics basketball games tickets, Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings show.

Now, none of this is  illegal, don’t be silly. But just because something is legal doesn’t make it a good idea. Apparently Nunes needs a refresher course on “appearances,” especially when one spends so much time engaged in attacking others’ integrity and corrupt nature.

New PAC dropped an additional $3,593 at the 4-star Omni Parker House hotel on May 8, the same day that the fund purchased tickets for the Celtics’ playoffs against the Washington Wizards.

2018 quarterly filings for New PAC show a number of more recent luxury expenditures. On March 9, bills at seven different restaurants in Las Vegas totaled over $7,000.

Devin, good freeeeking luck next time you beg those PTA members for the $50.00 check that is so desperately needed.

Nunes likely spent years assuring his donors that they should give him money because he is so effective in “owning the libs!” and the money will be used to “beat Elizabeth Warren and stop socialism.” Now Devin’s donors will respond with; “How does going to an NBA playoff game on my dime end-up beating Elizabeth Warren?”

Unless Nunes took Warren to the game …

True, much of the money is raised through wealthy corporate donations, but even corporate donors with loads of cash know that cash doesn’t grow on trees. They want to know that their money is well invested to maximize the return they sought. Treating oneself to NBA play-off games and one hundred dollar steaks may be alright once a year to celebrate a giant tax cut, but living the high life generally will not be seen as “maximizing” the value of the corporate donation. It looks like nothing more than luxuriating because one can. 

It is one thing for a regular asshole like Donald Trump to gorge himself on other peoples’ money. It is quite another for someone charged with investigating “corruption” to do it. It looks bad. Apparently, Devin Nunes either never factored “appearances” into the equation, or simply doesn’t care. At this point, it doesn’t matter. He is going to have to justify what he did that deserved such fantastic self-rewards. But more importantly, it will make his fund raising much more difficult in the future, and that is what is really going to infuriate Devin.

Having had a taste of the good life, hot dogs eaten in the cheap seats can feel like real punishment. But it actually isn’t real punishment. We will find out soon enough whether Nunes will face real consequences. For now, we can safely say that he most certainly will “go through some things.”


Peace, y’all

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