Reds fans reply Guardiola’s Mane diving claimManchester City manager Pep Guardiola made a bizarre diving dig at Liverpool’s Sadio Mane after his own side’s 2-1 comeback win over Southampton yesterday.It’s fair to say that his remarks prompted plenty of responses on the ECHO’s LFC Facebook page… Neil Wilkinson Pep is so rattled about Liverpool,,,,,he’s taken his eye off the ball with his obsession of us,,,,he should take a leaf out of Jurgen’s book, he hardly ever even mentions City apart from praising them now and again, what a professional,,,,chalk and cheese in my view,,,,Pep just look after your own kids and mind your own business about other people’s,,,,,try to be professional like Jurgen and have a bit more classDavis Nganga He quickly forgets how much decisions went in their way last season. Bachan Rai This is just about next week – plant pressure in the minds of whichever officials are appointed for that game. He knows Mane is the most dangerous Red at the moment. Mr Guardiola is genuinely scared this season of the Red Machine. He knows he won the title last season by the skin of his teeth and a whole lot of Manchester sympathy from the officials and VAR operators, plus a good-sized sliced of luck in many places. He desperately needs a win next week – at a place where it seems no visitor wins. Stephen Maurice McNulty Take it as a compliment, Liverpool is on his mind all the time – this will help us become champions long term Ray Collister Pressure cooker for Pep, let’s see how you handle the fortress next week Peggy Prince Take a good look at your own players pep before you condemn other PLAYERS. Sterling is the biggest diver ever so wind your neck in pep Emma Adole He’s obsessed and scared of us, he should be. Can’t wait for him to come to Anfield so we can straighten things out.. Nick Whitelaw-Bolton Plonker. Pure mind games to put pressure on the referee. Steve Tallent He has a team of divers and tactical foulers, I’m starting to lose respect for him! He certainly isn’t the worlds greatest coach that’s for sure. Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola looks dejected on the touchline

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