Of the five decades in Trail Blazers history, perhaps none experienced more dramatic highs and lows than the events in the 2010s.

Damian Lillard hit two of the most iconic shots in franchise history. Brandon Roy had one of the most memorable fourth-quarter flurries in NBA playoff history, which turned out to be his final hurrah in Portland. And the success of eight playoff appearances, including three seasons of advancing in the playoffs, helped mask an ugly lockout-shortened season when a team mutiny pushed out a once-popular coach.

Through it all, the Blazers had a .588 winning percentage in the 2010s, including a decade-high 54 wins by the 2013-2014 team, and in 2019 a new group of Blazers reached their first Western Conference finals in 19 seasons.

It was a decade when some of the franchise’s all-time greats left us. Roy and his aching knees would play only two more games for the Blazers after giving us goosebumps in that Game 4 masterpiece in the…

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