Bears linebacker Leonard Floyd goes airborn to try and stop Lions quarterback Jeff Driskel during their game Sunday at Soldier Field in Chicago. — Mark Busch –
Hub Arkush (season record: 7-3)
The Giants should be a great tonic for whatever ails the Bears right now but with no certainty over who will be at quarterback or great confidence in whoever it is, basically no tight ends, an offensive line in tatters and questions about whether the boss is willing to adjust to the strengths he has, nothing is going to come easy. That said, the Bears defense will still be easily the best unit on the field Sunday and they should be able to do enough to get a win no matter how much the Giants and their own offense challenges them. The wild card is Barkley, but this just hasn’t been his year. The biggest question may be, if I’m right, should Nagy reopen “Club Dub” for business? Bears 23, Giants 20

Arthur Arkush (season record: 6-4):
How far and how fast have the Bears fallen? I have zero confidence picking them at home to beat the 2-8 Giants, whose biggest star, Saquon Barkley, is banged up and whose defense cedes 28.9 points per game — the NFL’s worst outside the state of Florida. Remember, though, the Giants offense led by Barkley was a problem for the Bears at MetLife last December, a 30-27 OT win for Big Blue. The Bears offense is worse across the board less than 12 months later, and the Giants are well rested coming off the bye. Nonetheless, the Bears ‘D’ remains quite capable and should give rookie Daniel Jones enough trouble. Bears 23, Giants 16
Sean Hammond (season record: 7-3):

Whether it’s Mitchell Trubisky or Chase Daniel starting at quarterback for the Bears, this should be a win for Chicago. Then again, that’s what conventional wisdom said last year, when the Giants beat the Bears in overtime. The Giants have scored some points this year, but not when facing a quality defense. The Bears will lean on the defense yet again to pick up a win here. What we will see from the quarterback position is anybody’s guess. Bears 17, Giants 13
Barry Rozner, Daily Herald (season record: 3-7):
Soon you’ll hear that a disappointing Bears season still has great importance because of what you can learn from it, that the final six games have enormous value. As usual, it’s nonsense. You don’t learn anything in games that don’t matter. When it’s garbage time, there’s no pressure. When there’s no chance to make the playoffs, it is fool’s gold. But the games must be played. Bears 31, Giants 11

Joe Aguilar, Daily Herald (season record: 3-7):
Mitchell Trubisky is wounded physically (shoulder, hip) and mentally, but the Giants’ defense might be just what he needs to get healthy. That is, assuming his head coach gets out of the way. Giants RB Saquon Barkley is wounded physically (shoulder, ankle), but the Bears’ run defense might be just what he needs to get healthy. Keep the football away from the kicker’s right foot and the Bears should win. Bears 21, Giants 17

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