Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky fires a pass under pressure during their game Sunday against the Detroit Lions at Soldier Field in Chicago. — Mark Busch –
Hub Arkush (season record: 8-3):
Obviously, this is tough without knowing for sure who will be under center for Detroit, but as long as it isn’t Matt Stafford – and I’m “reasonably sure” it won’t be – it shouldn’t matter a ton. The Bears defense has been better each of the past two weeks since beating the Lions at Soldier Field and will make life difficult for either Jeff Driskel or David Blough, and after taking a few baby steps in Los Angeles and then several more last week at home vs. the Giants, it just feels like the offense is ready for more. As good as the Lions can be at home on Thanksgiving, I have a feeling their limping ‘D’ off the short week could be just what the doctor ordered for the Bears offense. Bears 26, Lions 16

Arthur Arkush (season record: 7-4):
The Bears’ point differential through 11 games is zero — which is only slightly lower than their postseason odds and epitomizes well what an average team they are overall at the moment. But the Lions (-31) just lost to 1-9 Washington, and they might be forced to play someone or something named David Blough on Thanksgiving, when Matt Patricia’s job status will be the hottest topic in Motown. Perhaps it’s a trap game, then, for the Bears? If so, I’m comfortable falling into that trap, too, because I’m picking the more talented, healthier team — one that seems to have Patricia’s number and at least has something left to play for — on the road. Bears 24, Lions 10
Sean Hammond (season record: 8-3):

Facing the Lions twice in 18 days – especially when quarterback Matthew Stafford is out – is a blessing for this Bears team right now. If Lions backup Jeff Driskel also can’t go, the Bears should win this one with relative ease. Even if Driskel plays, he’s coming off a terrible game against Washington (three interceptions and six sacks). The Bears defense should have a field day against the Lions. The Bears offense played well in the second half against the Giants, and hopefully can carry some of that momentum into Thanksgiving. Bears 21, Lions 10
Barry Rozner, Daily Herald (season record: 4-7):
Every game looks the same. The Bears’ offense struggles, and after they say they’re making progress. Once again, the Bears are facing a terrible defense, with the Lions 29th overall. They have the third-worst pass defense and are 24th in stopping the run. Another game that ought to be easy probably won’t be, but it’s hard to imagine the Bears losing to an injured Jeff Driskel or undrafted rookie David Blough. Bears 23, Lions 11

Joe Aguilar, Daily Herald (season record: 7-4):
Thank goodness this is the early Thanksgiving game, as you’d hate to be tossing up Aunt Sue’s stuffing while watching two teams that, in October and November, have been two of the NFL’s biggest turkeys. Can the Bears sack a backup QB and make him uncomfortable in the pocket all day? Can Mitch Trubisky replicate the 131.0 rating (3 TDs/0 INTs) he posted against the Lions three weeks ago at Soldier Field? Yes and yes. Enjoy what might end up being the Bears’ last win of the year. Bears 26, Lions 17

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