Pro Football Weekly’s Power Rankings are updated every Tuesday during the NFL’s regular season and intended to rank teams based on their talent and performance to date. Rankings will change each week because of personnel changes, injuries and performance, and a team’s ranking in any given week has no impact on where they might rank in weeks to come. Rankings will fluctuate a great deal more the first few weeks of the season as teams seek their levels and schedules balance out. These are PFW’s Power Rankings entering Week 5 of the 2019 season.
1. Chiefs — Still a couple question marks on defense, but Mahomes and Co. have answered everything they can.
2. Patriots — Still the champs and undefeated but drop a notch after offense really struggled at Buffalo.
3. Saints — Awfully impressive response to the loss of Brees.

4. Bears — Sure, the QBs, offense are a mystery, but who’s going to beat that defense?
5. Cowboys — 3-0 vs. pretenders, 0-1 versus contenders.
6. Rams — Didn’t see Bucs mess coming but almost everybody else was losing too.

7. Packers  — If defense vs. Philly was the real thing, this is too high, but maybe it was just a hiccup?
8. Bills — Outplayed Pats in second half but have to learn to win those games.
9. Seahawks — They were supposed to pound the Cardinals, and unlike others, they did.

10. 49ers — 3-0 is obviously great, but Niners exit bye still in search of a quality win.
11. Lions — Almost had the Chiefs; Detroit is one of the NFL’s bigger surprises so far.
12. Eagles — Just when we were ready to write them off, they have an impressive bounce back in short week at Green Bay.

13. Chargers — Started slow in Miami but finished strong and now they have Gordon back.
14. Vikings — Another big-game whiff, only this one vs. Bears more on the O-line than Cousins.
15. Browns — Trip to Baltimore awfully impressive, but just how good are the Ravens?

16. Colts — Injuries taking a toll and you can’t lose at home to the Raiders.
17. Ravens — Struggling to beat the Cardinals in Baltimore and getting pounded by Browns not a particularly impressive 2-2.
18. Panthers — Didn’t see upset of Texans in Houston coming; Rivera always has them ready.

19. Texans — Through four weeks, they’re the spitting image of Jekyll and Hyde.
20. Titans — Part of four-way tie in the AFC South, but when they’re bad, they’re bad.
21. Bucs — Extremely impressive upset of Rams on the road but allowing 29.2 points a game.

22. Giants — Daniel Jones scores again, but pounding Washington is what you’re supposed to do.
23. Raiders — Pretty impressive winning at Indy. Still, ‘D’ needed help, not bye-bye Burfict.
24. Jaguars — Four-way tie in AFC South leaves us wondering if any of them are any good?

25. Steelers — After breakthrough vs. Bengals, win over Ravens this week could put them back in thick of AFC North.
26. Falcons — Nobody left for Quinn to fire, so it’s must-win time in Hot-lanta now.
27. Broncos — Denver just can’t finish, and with Chubb done for season, no sign of things getting better.

28. Cardinals – Murray’s a Fantasy stud, but can he win a real game?
29. Bengals — Bungles are losing less impressively every week.
30. Washington — This is a train wreck Jay Gruden is unlikely to survive.

31. Jets — Eagles, Cowboys and Patriots up next, this isn’t getting better soon.
32. Dolphins — At least they showed up for a half this week.

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