Pro Football Weekly’s Power Rankings are updated every Tuesday during the NFL’s regular season and intended to rank teams based on their talent and performance to date. Rankings will change each week because of personnel changes, injuries and performance, and a team’s ranking in any given week has no impact on where they might rank in weeks to come. Rankings will fluctuate a great deal more the first few weeks of the season as teams seek their levels and schedules balance out. These are PFW’s Power Rankings entering Week 7 of the 2019 season.
1. Patriots (6-0): Yes, the schedule’s been soft, but the defense is otherworldly right now.
2. Saints (5-1): Another defense we didn’t see coming, and when Brees gets back, not sure who beats them?
3. 49ers (5-0): Not sure who the Rams are right now, but that still was the quality win these guys needed to be taken seriously.

4. Seahawks (5-1): Carroll and Schneider have rebuilt on the fly, and they can beat you a lot of different ways.
5. Packers ( 5 -1): Pack continues to win, but aren’t overly impressive doing it.
6. Texans (4-2): If they run the way they did in Kansas City and stay healthy at wideout, they will be tough to beat.

7. Colts (3-2): Not sure yet if they’re this good, but who else is?
8. Chiefs (4-2): 2 straight losses at home proves they’re mortal; history says Reid will figure it out.
9. Vikings (4-2): Yep, that was Kirk Cousins you saw dominate in a big one last Sunday. Now if he keeps doing it …

10. Bears (3-2): Losses of Hicks and Long are big, but defense is the name of the game right now and whose is better?
11. Bills (4-1): Defense is impressive, but four wins are over opponents with a combined 5-18 record and none have been easy.
12. Panthers (4-2): Not certain how they’re doing it, but 4 straight wins are 4 straight wins.

13. Ravens (4-2): See: Bills; teams Ravens have beat are 4-18-1.
14. Rams (3-3): It’s hard to figure out what’s gone wrong here, but Jared Goff is racing backward.
15. Lions ( 2-2-1): They compete well, but do they have enough playmakers to play in January?

16. Eagles (3-3): These guys did a nice job with the offense during offseason, but should have worked harder on “D.”
17. Cowboys (3-3): Now we know what wins over Giants, Washington and Dolphins were hiding.
18. Raiders (3-2): Trips to Green Bay and Houston out of bye will tell us if “Chucky” has these guys turned around for real.

19. Steelers (2-4): Off their best game of the year in L.A. Sunday night, arrow could be pointing up, but Stephon Tuitt injury is brutal.
20. Chargers (2-4): Like the Rams, it’s hard to tell how so much has gone so wrong, so fast.
21. Jaguars (2-4): “Minshew Mania” is fun, but these guys just don’t have enough around him right now.

22. Browns (2-4): Is Freddie Kitchens the right guy to lead the way?
23. Giants (2-4): Daniel Jones just may be the real deal; will be interesting when he gets Barkley back.
24. Bucs (2-4): We usually read little or nothing into London games, but Winston’s 5 picks has to have Arians spooked.

25. Broncos (2-4): Fangio’s “D” starting to take hold now, but not enough horses for the long run this year.
26. Titans (2-4): Did the Ryan Tannehill era begin last Sunday?
27. Cardinals (2-3-1): Murray is impressive, but the Bengals and the Falcons are the Bengals and the Falcons.

28. Jets (1-4): Darnold’s return sparked them, and other than the Pats this Monday, there’s not a lot left on the schedule.
29. Falcons (1-5): Too much talent to be this bad. It won’t happen next couple weeks, but Dan Quinn’s in big trouble.
30. Washington (1-5): If we were bettors, we’d like Gruden a lot to beat the Dolphins by more than a point.

31. Bengals (0-6): We know Taylor’s young and inexperienced, but his talent is at least a little better than this.
32. Dolphins (0-5): Was that failed two-pointer a part of the tank? Probably not, but this is still embarrassing.

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