Pro Football Weekly’s Power Rankings are updated every Tuesday during the NFL’s regular season and intended to rank teams based on their talent and performance to date. Rankings will change each week because of personnel changes, injuries and performance, and a team’s ranking in any given week has no impact on where they might rank in weeks to come. Rankings will fluctuate a great deal more the first few weeks of the season as teams seek their levels and schedules balance out. These are PFW’s Power Rankings entering Week 8 of the 2019 season.
1. Patriots (7-0): Forget the AFC East discussion (was there ever one?); only question now is whether they break Ravens’ all-time points allowed mark.
2. Saints (6-1): Just a master class Payton and Allen put on last week with a backup backfield.
3. Packers (6-1): How’s that Aaron Rodgers-Matt LaFleur relationship building looking now?

4. 49ers (6-0): Niners can win in a lot of different ways now, as last week’s 9-0 shutout in the elements illustrated.
5. Colts (4-2): Frank Reich makes us want to run through a wall for him, too.
6. Vikings (5-2): When Kirk Cousins is playing with confidence, Vikes about as tough of an out as there is.

7. Ravens (5-2): Put that Seattle triumph in Lamar Jackson’s growing list of signature wins – and slap some MVP respect on him, too.
8. Seahawks (5-2): Margin of error not great right now … and neither is their home-field advantage suddenly!
9. Chiefs (5-2): Let’s see if that “D” can pick up Mahomes-less offense vs. Packers and Vikings the way it did in Denver.

10. Panthers (4-2): Is the Kyle Allen era officially underway in Charlotte? Not so fast, but credit Chico for how he’s handling awkward situation.
11. Rams (4-3): The Ramseys have awesome opportunity to keep getting well over next couple weeks against AFC North bottom-dwellers.
12. Cowboys (4-3): Highly impressive home rout of Eagles, but need to see more only two weeks removed from Jets embarrassment.

13. Texans (4-3): Just when it seemed they might be turning a corner in the big-game department …
14. Bills (5-1): Even at 5-1, letting the sinking ’Phins hang around that long not exactly endearing.
15. Lions (2-3-1): Close, but no cigar feels like their theme this season, and now injuries beginning to pile up.

16. Raiders (3-3): We thought Derek Carr’s days of extending at the goal line were already over, but that 14-point swing at Lambeau was crushing.
17. Bears (3-3): Franchise-low seven carries on Walter Payton bobblehead day vs. the Saints’ backup backfield.
18. Eagles (3-4): Eagles have a lot issues – protection, weapons, secondary play – but Carson Wentz isn’t one of them.

19. Titans (3-4): The Ryan Tannehill-led resurgence has begun. With the defense continuing to ball, maybe it’s enough to keep them afloat.
20. Jaguars (3-4): Gardner Minshew is making believers out of us, and the Jalen Ramsey haul was nice, but they’ll miss him more than Foles.
21. Cardinals (3-3-1): Kyler didn’t turn it over during Cardinals’ three-game surge, but now the schedule turns over to its rough half.

22. Chargers (2-5): Melvin Gordon’s holdout hurt him and ending it has hurt the Chargers.
23. Broncos (2-5): Imagine thinking Joe Flacco was the answer to Denver’s QB issues.
24. Browns (2-4): We can’t wait to see what corrections Freddie Kitchens came up with over the bye …

25. Giants (2-5): If Daniel Jones is going to take his jumps – and there’s no question that’s now what’s happening – this is the time for it.
26. Bucs (2-4): The Bucs might not have even one franchise quarterback, but at least they now have two No. 1 receivers.
27. Steelers (2-4): We’re definitely excited to see more from a healthy Mason Rudolph coming out of the bye.

28. Jets (1-5): Sam Darnold, though? Curious, if nothing else, to see how he responds to that Belichick beatdown.
29. Falcons (1-6): Getting a second-rounder for Sanu is probably their Super Bowl this season.
30. Washington (1-6): Dare we say Washington doing it the right way by protecting Haskins in rain vs. Niners and on road next two weeks in Minnesota, Buffalo?

31. Bengals (0-7): Even if they won’t trade their best asset, what about Dalton, Glenn and anyone else with actual value?
32. Dolphins (0-6): Is Ryan Fitzpatrick lowering his shoulder and pummeling a Bills defender en route to the end zone part of tanking plan?

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