1 Patriots (8-0): Congratulations to the GOAT on No. 300; can anyone prevent him from adding ring No. 8 in a little more than three months?2 Saints (7-1): Thumbs up, Drew Brees, who tallied a mere 373 passing yards and 3 TDs in return to lineup to make it six straight.
3 Packers (7-1): Mahomes or not, that was a hard-fought win at Arrowhead – the Pack’s fourth straight, all without Davante Adams.
4 49ers (7-0): Have a day, Tevin Coleman and Nick Bosa.
5 Colts (5-2): Adam Vinatieri, national treasure, rewarding Colts’ faith following rocky start with 51-yard game-winner vs. Denver is too sweet.

6 Vikings (6-2): If Christian McCaffrey isn’t the best back in football, Dalvin Cook is right now.
7 Ravens (5-2): Fresh off the bye, Baltimore is the first realistic candidate to knock Pats off perfect perch.
8 Seahawks (6-2): Carroll’s charge this week: keep focus on Bucs at home, not visiting undefeated Niners a week from Monday.

9 Chiefs (5-3): Props to Matt Moore for keeping Chiefs close, but three straight losses at home soon could be four with Vikings up next.
10 Rams (5-3): NFL’s second-leading WR Cooper Kupp needs five catches and 77 yards for new career highs. He tore his ACL last November and has eight games to go this season.
11 Cowboys (4-3): Michael Bennett is a terrific fit on the field and in this locker room – for better or worse.

12 Panthers (4-3): Kyle Allen was due for a dud; his response at home vs. another tough “D” in Titans will be telling.
13 Eagles (4-4): Run game has taken off, but focus is on Miles Sanders’ injured shoulder after career day.
14 Texans (5-3): Gritty win vs. Oakland, but hard to imagine them overcoming loss of Watt, especially post-Clowney trade.

15 Bills (5-2): Probably only a hiccup for the “D,” but Josh Allen’s inconsistencies are the norm.
16 Titans (4-4): Tannehill is 2-0 with a 108.3 rating, and that offseason trade suddenly is making a lot more sense.
17 Jaguars (4-4): Gardner Minshew is the new Kirk Cousins in terms of teams not resting on QB laurels after one big acquisition.

18 Lions (3-3-1): Trey Flowers starting to look like the guy Detroit backed up Brinks truck for.
19 Chargers (3-5): Better to be lucky than good, especially if you’re the Chargers.
20 Raiders (3-4): Another brutal loss on the road but increasingly clear Raiders found their foundation back in Jacobs.

21 Bears (3-4): Focus on the kneel, but there are myriad reasons Bears deserve their fate now.
22 Steelers (3-4): After ugly first half vs. Dolphins, they stay in shouting distance of the Ravens.
23 Cardinals (3-4-1): Kenyan Drake an exciting fit for Kliff Kingsbury … unless you own David Johnson in fantasy.

24 Browns (2-5): After Baker called out lack of discipline focus following loss in Foxboro, Freddie Kitchens’ days in Cleveland feel numbered.
25 Bucs (2-5): How much longer can Bruce Arians go to bat for turnover-machine Jameis Winston?
26 Broncos (2-6): Joe Flacco has an injured neck, and it’s hard not to think sticking it out to question play calling not a contributor.

27 Giants (2-6): Why are the Giants parting with future draft capital for potential rental Leonard Williams?
28 Jets (1-6): How’s the mood at Florham Park following Sam Darnold’s latest clunker?
29 Falcons (1-7): Is Arthur Blank riding it out with Dan Quinn patience or punishment?

30 Washington (1-7): Fitting that dragging feet on Trent Williams deal might have cost Washington.
31 Bengals (0-8): Not being sellers at the trade deadline really feels like malpractice, doesn’t it?
32 Dolphins (0-7): If you’re trying to be bad, this is definitely the blueprint.

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