• 12,000 fans gathered in Philadelphia over the weekend to take in the 2019 Overwatch League Grand Finals.
  • The event was unlike anything I had ever seen, combining the best parts of live sporting events and the community of Overwatch to create a remarkable in-arena experience for fans.
  • Thanks to a brilliant performance of 2019 OWL MVP Sinatraa and the steady play of Grand Finals MVP Choihyobin, the San Francisco Shock were crowned champions.
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On Sunday, the Overwatch League Grand Finals were held at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, pitting the Vancouver Titans against the San Francisco Shock to compete for the 2019 title.

After months of competition, the two best teams in the league had made it through a grueling playoff to meet in Philadelphia with the right to be called champion on the line.

For any fan of Overwatch, the Grand Finals proved a must-see event, providing a thrilling in-arena experience for those in attendance on par with what you might see at an NBA or NHL game.

Speaking with fans, it became clear that the community of Overwatch and the Overwatch League is diverse in age, race, and fandom, capable of bringing people together from around the world to celebrate the game they love.

Here’s what it was like to be in attendance.

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