Sydney FC star Adam Le Fondre was shocked by the standard of the A-League when he took to the field at the start of last season. The 32-year-old made the jump from England’s Championship to Australia and scored 16 goals in his debut Sky Blues campaign, which resulted in the team winning the A-League’s grand final against Perth. Le Fondre was expecting the Australian competition to be tough but was surprised by the standard of play of all teams, and was particular impressed with the quality of his new teammates. “The standard of Sydney didn’t really really surprise me,” Le Fondre told FTBL. “I was maybe expecting a lower standard but the boys, when I came into training the first couple of weeks, I was surprised how good they were. “The players are every good, technically, and the standard isn’t very different to what I’m used to back home. “Obviously Sydney being one of the premier teams in the A-League, there might be a little bit of a gulf between the first and bottom, which is the same in any league. “But when I was coming to Sydney, and your perception from the other side of the world of the A-League wasn’t as high as the standard is. “When I came here the standard shocked me and I was really pleased with that.”

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