By Abel Morton
Last Updated: 09/08/19 7:36pm

WWE superstar Drew McIntyre believes that Rangers can challenge Celtic this season

WWE superstar Drew McIntyre says Rangers’ manager Steven Gerrard has got “the right team” and believes for his beloved Rangers, this is their season.
McIntyre – who is not scheduled to compete at this Sunday’s SummerSlam pay-per-view in Toronto, Canada, is convinced that Gerrard’s will to win in his playing career for Liverpool will translate in Rangers’ campaign this season.”That’s a player [Steven Gerrard] that used to play with so much passion for Liverpool. He played for the jersey and I feel like that’s was what was missing from Rangers for years,” he said. Book WWE SummerSlam here! Don’t miss the biggest party of the summer as WWE stages SummerSlam live on Sky Sports! “Now he has weeded out the ones that aren’t giving it all on the pitch and off the pitch. We’ve got a team that deserves to be there and are going to give it their all and that’s why I believe this is our season.”McIntyre is just relieved that once again Rangers and Celtic rivalry has resumed in the top flight. McIntyre has backed Rangers manager Steven Gerrard “When you took Rangers away from the Scottish league it hurt the Scottish league because that’s the anger we had.”I know this in America, America knew about Scottish football was Rangers and Celtic and now finally Rangers is back at a level where we can actually compete with Celtic and have some exciting Old Firm matches where it goes back and forth with the rest of the world actually paying attention to Scottish football again.”

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