In the past six years she has dropped her lifetime horse habit and replaced it with her newfound “addiction” – contact sports. As a defensive linebacker, Schecter’s position involves some of the hardest hitting in the game. It is one of her favourite elements though, and she even plays in a mixed full-contact American football league where she is the only woman on her team, getting tackled by and tackling men twice her size. 
“You get two types of [men] – those that say ‘She’s a girl, she shouldn’t be here,’ and they come for you, or who don’t want to hit me because I am a girl,” she says laughing.
She also did strength and conditioning coaching for the sport’s Great Britain association and helped develop the women’s team on their rise to fourth-best in the world. And, thanks to her dual citizenship, she will captain the team at this week’s European Championships in Leeds alongside all self-funded teammates and volunteer coaches. 
Schecter is also England captain in kabaddi, an invasion game popular in Asia which she compares to British bulldog with tackling. Watch Youtube highlights of the aggressive low tackling – or “carnage” as Schecter puts it – makes the appeal clear.

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