METAIRIE, LA – AUGUST 03: New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees (9) reacts to a play during training camp on August 3, 2019 at the Ochsner Sports Performance Center in Metairie, LA. (Photo by Stephen Lew/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
After watching only a few practices one thing stands out for the 2019 New Orleans Saints. And the whole collaboration from beginning to the end leaves an unlasting impression. Even the snowballs given out from Kona Ice symbolized the feeling that resonated from player to player at the afternoon press conferences.
Only One Word Is Needed for the 2019 New Orleans Saints Team
Tranquility Breeds Confidence
It didn’t matter who came next. Sean Payton, Simmie Cobbs, Cameron Jordan, or Taysom Hill. This training camp is different. Of course, there were plays being made applauded by the loyal fans of Who Dat Nation. The temperature may have been 92 degrees but it felt like 120.
But again, it didn’t matter. This 2019 New Orleans Saints team breathes and exhales tranquility.

You can see it. It’s in the humid air. Ironically, the one lady dripping in sweat serving up the Blackberry Mojito sno-cones was totally in flow. The funny thing about this upcoming season is the obsessive media focusing on one non call. Everyone knows what happened. Yet, the talking heads want the defining moment for the Saints this year be about revenge.
The “Us against the world” mantra. The call that never came through. It’s tempting to fall into the trap of avenging the wrong. The culmination of the return of the black and gold for the Super Bowl. Three times would be a charm. All of these poetic justice mottos sound good on paper.
Staying in the Present
Having bitter thoughts can motivate anyone into action. Be that as it may, the harmonious chemistry of tranquility is prevalent across the board. Sean Payton understands his team. He gets the the ups and downs throughout the whole season. Not to mention, every season is different. This year is no more special than any other year. That being said, the team as a whole has to be on the same page.
After Saturday’s practice, Payton felt that the practice flowed well. “I have (always) thought it’s always easier to begin to watch the tape and then kind of look at it closely. It is just working through this right at this point where you’ve got to train not only yourself physically, but train your mind to be at its best even when you’re tired. I think that’s something that I don’t know you ever get comfortable with it, but you’ve got to get used to it.”
Training the mind to respond without thinking. That is the goal of every head coach to get the players working simultaneously for one goal. Even more important, the action is nearly robotic. In other words, action without words. The team concept is to react naturally. Everything else will take care of itself.
The Saints Are Writing the 2019 Story
Every team picked to make a run in 2019 will be broken down with stories. Last week, it was the Michael Thomas holdout. Over the summer, the loss of Mark Ingram brought skepticism of leadership. Even the arm of Drew Brees was questioned. Perhaps, even “Gumbo” wasn’t sure if he’d return as mascot.
Regardless, this team looks the part of having all the composure of knowing their own skin. Peace of mind isn’t something that just happens. Having the mindset of tranquility comes from top to bottom.
The players feed off of what’s being fed to them. And for the most part, the whole organization is on the same sentence. Not just the same page but the same sentence.
Coming Through When It Counts
Punter Thomas Morstead, one of the few remaining players from the 2009 Super Bowl winning team, will always be a part of Saints lore forever. His onside kick changed the whole dynamic of Super Bowl XLIV. The result ended up in the Saints favor. Equally important, the decision to pull the trigger took remarkable courage. And the rest is history.
To put it another way, decisions are made with intention. The results are never guaranteed. The only factor in live game play that can be controlled is the mindset before. The self-assurance of believing a certain result is harder to teach. The 2019 Saints have the unwavering equilibrium. Some things you can’t see. A presence of mind polished to withstand the ebbs and flows of a season. Tranquility is the fortitude of being indestructible. This team is ready for anything.
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