ST. MARYS, W.Va. Parents and students are getting ready to head back to school. We stopped by a local high school to find out about the new programs available for the upcoming school year.
St. Marys high school will be rolling out new programs to help students with math and comprehensive reading to help increase SAT scores.
As well as work based program for special education students to do work out in the community. But the school is most excited for the revision of one program that the students will be thrilled about as well.
“Our PBIS program that stands for positive support interventions and supports. We have met as a leadership team here at St. Mary’s high school and we have revamped or re-energized our PBIS system and we’re going to be offering new incentives to our students for attendance purposes and for turning in their assignments during the week, said Principal Jeff Sole.
Some incentives for the program include prizes such as food vouchers for football and basketball games, dance tickets, and movie tickets.

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