Offensive Coordinator Marcus Arroyo may have the most important role for the Oregon Ducks this season.Oregon Football Fall Camp opens today and with the start of the 2019 season less than a month away, there are a lot of questions to be answered before August 31st. Some are easier than others. While the roster sorts itself out over the next month and the team prepares to face a ranked opponent on Auburn to start the season, one man controls the Ducks Offensive fate and it is not a Quarterback. It is Offensive Coordinator Marcus Arroyo.Arroyo seemed to struggle at times last season with the playbook and what Oregon Football was going to execute on the field, but were the struggles that we all saw his fault or the fault of a team with inexperience is places where they were not comfortable enough to complete the execution of certain plays? This is the year we find out the answer that question.I will give Marcus Arroyo credit. There are times last season that he looked like a genius. You don’t have to go past the end of the Washington game very far to see that Oregon Football can complete a big play when the needed it. Then there is the trip to Pullman, enough said there.Oregon Football fans have had their share of watching run play after run play from the stands as the clock ticked down. Frustration has led to everything from yelling to thinking they are the next armchair coach of a team that they believe has coaches that don’t know what they are doing. Arroyo can shift the narrative and do it quickly in 2019. All it will take is to show a wrinkle or two and win against the Auburn Tigers in what amounts to their own back yard in Dallas, Texas at the end of the month.If Oregon Football scores on the first drive, Arroyo may also get some screen time in front of a National Audience showing him talking into his headset. I honestly hope those conversations turn out better in 2019 than they did last season.Oregon opens the 2019 campaign against the Auburn Tigers on Saturday, August 31st. (4:30 pm PT, ABC)

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