(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

The NBA is more wide open than ever. Here is how the Golden State Warriors match up against each title contender.

For the first time since LeBron James announced his decision in 2010, the NBA feels like a wide-open landscape in which multiple teams could realistically walk away with the title. The Golden State Warriors once dominated the league, but now, they find themselves back in the middle of the pack.

This summers free agency period was truly one for the ages. A decade of superstars switching teams reached its pinnacle with nearly every team undergoing a massive makeover. Stars such as Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul and Anthony Davis all changed teams this summer.

Consequently, a balance has been restored across the league. A few teams are still the favorites, but realistically, no team has a massive advantage over the others.

Where do the Dubs rank among this madness? With an All-Star core still intact (Though injury-plagued at the moment), the Dubs should still be one of the favorites right? Well, maybe not. In an annual NBA survey, not a single analyst picked the Warriors to win the championship this season.

This gives us reason to take a deep look at how the Warriors will fare in a potential playoff matchup against any of the contending squads. We will look at seven teams that could honestly win the title and analyze how the Dubs would match up against them.

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