With many of the world’s biggest clubs in need of a left-back this summer, it was somewhat of a shock that Filipe Luís opted to join Brazilian outfit Flamengo after nine years at Atlético Madrid.
In an interview with Globoesporte, the Brazil international revealed that he had offers to join a plethora of European clubs from all over the planet, including the likes of Manchester City, Lyon, and Borussia Dortmund.
“From January until March I had an offer from Manchester City, but it didn’t work out.
“There was a call from Juninho Pernambucano to go to Lyon, but I said I could only give an answer after the Copa America and they ended up signing someone else.

“There was Turkey, China, a number of countries that called, but none of them felt right in my heart at the time.”
The 34-year-old also revealed that during his time at Atlético, he was ready to leave for PSG after they presented him with an incredible offer.
However, Atlético refused to let him leave to join the French champions.
“I had a contract with Atlético and an absurd offer came in [from PSG], one that I couldn’t refuse,” he said.

“I went to Atlético and said ‘if you let me leave, I’d appreciate it’, especially because Gabi had just left. But they said no, it was impossible for me to leave because they would have to sign another left-back and there wasn’t enough time for that.
“I didn’t want to fight with Atlético, though, and in the end, it didn’t go ahead, but the offer was there and I was close.
“… A lot of things were happening and in the end, I closed some important doors, like Borussia. It was a very good offer, but I didn’t feel it in my heart.”
Currently, Filipe Luís and Flamengo are on top of the Brasileirão table and have a 2-0 first-leg advantage over fellow Brazilian side Internacional in the Copa Libertadores quarter-finals.

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