Napoli’s Jose Callejon is desperate to beat Barcelona when they meet them in the United States this week.
The Partenopei will have two bites at the ferry though, with the pair to face off in Florida and Michigan.
“I want to beat Barcelona,” the former Real Madrid player said.
“It’s a special game for me because of my past. It’s a friendly, but it’s very important for us.
“We’ve played well against both Liverpool and Marseille.”
Napoli have finished runners up in both of the most recent seasons in Serie A, second only to Juventus.

“We want to reach the end of the season with the chance of doing great things,” he explained.
“We want to give it our all and hope we have a great year.”
Serie A appears to be improving of late, with Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival at Juventus increasing interest around the world.
“It’s been behind other leagues for a few years,” the Spaniard said.
“But Italy is getting better.
“With the arrival of Cristiano, something is changing in Serie A.”

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