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Who do you think will get more snaps this year, Wims or Ridley? Submitted by Wandering Mind
It could go either way, but right now my money is on Wims, who is having a great training camp and may be the most improved player on the team. Right now I’d say Wims is No. 4, and if Miller misses time with the ankle, he’ll start the season as No. 2 because you have to keep Taylor Gabriel as your No. 3 to use him most effectively.
Give Us Your Opinion How The NFC North 2019 Finishes Up? Thanks Submitted by Riehm

I’ve got the Bears and Vikings at 10-6, Packers 7-9, Lions 6-10.
Can Chase Daniel get us some wins if something happens to Mitch T? He was pretty bad last year. Submitted by Abe Rothbart
Is Chase Daniel’s cap hit worth keeping him in 2020? Seems like there will be bigger needs than a journeyman backup… Submitted by Roberto Pescador

Abe, Daniel certainly is not the worst backup in the NFL, but it is a significant drop-off from Trubisky to him, and I have not been impressed with Daniel in camp this year. As we saw last year, he can beat the Lions but also really hurt them vs. the Giants.
If, like last year, it’s a game, two or maybe three max, they’ll be OK, But if Trubisky were to miss significant time they’d be in trouble with Daniel against any of the eight potential playoff teams on the schedule.
Roberto, Daniel is a free agent after this season and I can’t imagine him back without a significant pay cut.

Would like your opinion on Anthony Miller’s potential in his second season assuming he stays healthy. Also, curious if you would pay Dak Prescott anywhere near the reported $30 million/year offer… I think that is nuts for a guy who won’t throw downfield.
Miller has the chance to be a very good No. 2 receiver in the NFL — which is exactly what the Bears need behind Allen Robinson. While he has nice size and good speed, he doesn’t have any unique trait like Robinson’s size and athleticism that might make Miller a No. 1.
He still needs work on his route tree and has to prove he can stay healthy, but I like him a lot.

Prescott is a better than average QB with Zeke Elliott and Amari Cooper playing the way he did in the second half of last season. Anything over $20 million/year is way too much.
If Cooper regresses to the norm of his first few years and Elliott makes good on his holdout threat, we’ll see just how average Prescott will become.
While I hate admitting this, could Minnesota be the best team in the NFC this year? Submitted by Mike Barbacovi

Mike, there is very little that separates the Vikings and the Bears, Rams or Saints. They are a serious threat to take the NFC North title back from the Bears … if Kirk Cousins can show up in meaningful games, which he has yet to show he can do.
The Vikings’ Achilles’ heel is the offensive line until they prove it isn’t, and I’m not real impressed with what they’ve done this offseason to improve it.
They also could be better at inside linebacker. Other than that they’re loaded.

I love Mike Zimmer, but his team lost its edge last year and couldn’t get it back, and while I’m not saying it was his fault, it was and is his job to get it back.
Other than that, they’re a very good football team, and Dalvin Cook can be a monster if he’s healthy and the line is better.
They are definitely the biggest threat to the Bears in the division, and I wouldn’t be at all shocked if they end up in Florida in February, although I’m not predicting it because I do think the Saints and Rams are a hair better and the Bears may be depending on how far Trubisky can bring the offense this year.

Has Leonard Floyd had the best camp of his career and does he looked primed to earn a contract extension after the season? Submitted by Brett Solesky
Yes, Brett, Floyd had a great first two weeks of camp and he hasn’t tailed off, but he hasn’t flashed quite as much over the past 7-10 days.
What too many people either forget or ignore is Floyd had a hell of a second half of 2018 in every area but sack totals and was voted a Pro Bowl alternate by his peers.

According to none other than Khalil Mack, Floyd could be a monster this year, and his new position coach, Ted Monachino, has absolutely raved about him.
Bears fans have very good cause to be optimistic.
Any chance all the issues Bears fans and media are having judging both Trubisky and the kickers is that Chicago isn’t used to having a young, promising QB and formative kicker? New territory… we don’t know how a good camp should look? Submitted by Brett Solesky

Brett, yes on Trubisky, but not really on the kickers. I have seen every practice but one since the “double-doink” last January, and the bottom line is Trubisky has improved and is still improving but has been a bit uneven in camp. That’s to be expected — it’s practice.
As much as it’s apparently frustrating fans, the bottom line is we’re not going to really know who and where Mitch is until about midseason this year, but I think the signs are promising.
On the kickers, the irony is, were it not for the “double-doink” and Cody Parkey’s awful ’18 season, what you’d be hearing is both kickers have had good offseasons. But because of last year’s disaster, the bar has been set unbelievably high for these kids, and with kickers you just don’t know until they do or don’t do it in real games.

Most days I could hit a 40-yarder in practice, but I suspect I’d crap my pants in a real game. PATIENCE! We’ll know soon enough.
Jimmy G tossed 5 consecutive interceptions in practice yesterday…. Submitted by Jake Gilewski
And Rodgers threw i think 3 INTs today ppl over blow things Submitted by Jason Mallerdino

Are there questions here, guys?
Jake, as much as people gush over him, and as much as the Niners are paying him, we know less right now about Jimmy Garoppolo than we do about Trubisky. But if he actually threw 5 straight picks in practice, I would certainly be worried.
Jason, Rodgers and his receivers are learning a brand new offense, with all of those wideouts after Davante Adams still just projects that we have no idea whether they’re getting to where Rodgers expects them to be.

That said, if your points are practice picks really aren’t that big a deal, you are for the most part right. As I’ve said time and time again, the hyper focus on Trubisky in practice is a waste of time. We will have enough of a sample size by about midseason this year to be forced to take a stand on who we think he is. But right now, it’s just practice, and it’s just too soon.

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