Though PSG has won 20 out of the last 24 possible domestic trophies in the last six years, their lack of European success has brought their greatness into question.
In a recent interview with AFP, midfielder Julian Draxler said his team-mates need to put their egos aside if they are to progress as a team.
“All of them are exceptional players, it is hard to find in the world players of this level,” Draxler said.
“But of course they have their own minds, their own heads, they live football, they want to score every game, so they have an ego.

“So sometimes it’s not easy for the whole team, but if you are lucky enough to play alongside these players, it’s just a pleasure every day.”
When he arrived at the Parc de Princes, Draxler expected that he would be a title-winning squad that would compete deep into the Champions League.
While winning domestic trophies hasn’t been a problem, a string of three stunning round-of-16 exits has Draxler craving more.
“It’s two-and-a-half years now since I arrived and I won a lot of (domestic) titles so I am happy about that,” he added.

“I became a better player than I was before, so that’s positive, but what is negative is what we achieved in the Champions League.
“We did not go far in the Champions League and that was one of the goals when I signed.”
“It hurts a lot, it hurts still that we did not go through (against Manchester United).”
On Tuesday, PSG will face Australian side Sydney FC in China before they attempt to win the Trophée des Champions against Rennes Saturday.

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