The Toronto Raptors are champions of the NBA. And not only is that a really fun sentence for me to type, it’s one that’s very relevant to the Toronto Blue Jays. The NBA playoff drama has unfolded, the parade has come and gone, so now, finally, the city and country’s sporting sights are going to be trained much more on the Jays.

Those who haven’t been paying much attention until this point are not going to like what they see.

To crib a factoid from a recent Tao of Stieb column at Sportsnet, back on April 7, during the weekend of Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s debut, the team beat the Oakland Athletics 5-4 to push their season record back to .500 at 14-14. I found this somewhat hard to comprehend, as the team has been so bad since just about exactly that moment. They’ve won just 12 times since, and have lost 32. The 2019 Blue Jays season is officially a disaster.

At least, it’s a disaster at the big league level, as an…

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