The Golden State Warriors‘ dynasty is over, and it ended in the strangest way possible.

Late in Game 6, the Warriors were down by one point to the Toronto Raptors in the closing seconds, and managed to force a turnover to get the ball back. On the ensuing possession, they tried a misdirection screen play that involved throwing the ball over the top of the defense to Draymond Green, while Steph Curry used an off-ball screen to get open. The play worked, but Curry missed the shot, which was when the craziness happened. 

In the scramble for the loose ball, the mass of players ended up near halfcourt, where Draymond Green was able to secure possession. Instinct kicked in, and he called a timeout. The only problem was, the Warriors didn’t have any left, which meant they were called for a technical foul. The Raptors got a free throw — which Kawhi Leonard made — and possession, which all but sealed the game. 

It was a bizarre way for the game and the season to end, but Green’s decision to call a timeout the Warriors didn’t have was actually the right decision given the situation. There was so little time left, that if he had held onto the ball or tried to make a pass, the clock would have run out, and the Warriors would have lost anyway. 

By calling the timeout, the clock stopped, which at least gave the Warriors a prayer to extend the game. It would have involved the Raptors missing free throws and someone on the Warriors making a fullcourt heave, but still, that’s better than the zero percent chance they had without calling a timeout. 

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