The Toronto Raptors may have been the talk of the town for their “janky” box-and-one defense before Game 3 of the 2019 NBA Finals, but they were the talk of the town on Thursday night for putting the defending champion Golden State Warriors in a 2-1 series hole.

Kawhi Leonard dropping 30 points for the second straight game had a little something to do with it, but another reason the Raptors rebounded from a Game 2 loss just might have been Golden State’s complacency.

Or at least that’s what former NBA veteran Raja Bell and “Kanell & Bell” co-host Danny Kanell suggested Thursday.

“This doesn’t have to be a long series,” Bell said. “It really doesn’t … They made a huge assumption last night, and I think it’s going to bite ’em in the butt.”

The assumption, of course, is that once Kevin Durant and/or Klay Thompson are healthy, the Warriors are going to be just fine and dandy en route to another NBA title. And while both Kanell and Bell agree that those All-Stars are vital to Stephen Curry having help on the floor, previously suggesting the team does, in fact, need Durant to win it all, they don’t think Golden State was wise to “play it safe” on Wednesday night.

It’s not like Draymond Green, an All-Star by name, can make up for those absences, either, Bell added.

“Draymond’s only an All-Star in that space … when he’s got the other guys around him that can highlight what he does best, which is push the ball, assist,” he said. “But you got to have finishers around you for that to look really good. In the absence of all those finishers, he’s just a regular dude.”

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