In discussing the topic of how to increase the NBA’s television ratings, Marc Cuban said he agreed with Adam Silver’s assessment that league needed to adjust its start times to better serve the television audience.

Silver raised the possibility of moving up the start times for NBA playoff games in response to a drop in TV ratings.

“Adam [Silver] said it clear as day: We make far more money off of television than we do from tickets. So, that’s our biggest customer. And particularly, given the changes with streaming and everything and the demographic makeup of television, we’ve got to give that a lot of careful consideration. You want to optimize for television first,” said Cuban, speaking at the Social Innovation Summit in Los Angeles.

Cuban disagreed with Silver’s assessment that LeBron James’ absence had an impact on playoff ratings, though Cuban was careful to not mention James’ name to avoid tampering charges. 

“In terms of ratings and stuff like that, we’re in a different universe now. I don’t think it impacts the ratings at all,” he added. 

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