More than half of Alabama’s 416 AHSAA high schools had a player or coach ejected during a game during the 2018-19 school year.A total of 99 high schools went through the entire school year without a fine or ejection, including Hubbertville for the sixth year in a row.Football experienced the most ejections, with 299, while there were 105 in basketball, including 21 to coaches. Soccer ranked third in ejections with 92. Those are three of the takeaways from the AHSAA’s annual report on fine and ejections released by the governing body last week and posted on the governing body’s website, detailing hundreds of infractions during the 2018-19 school year.The AHSAA reported that the total number of fines and ejections – which includes everything from player ejections to coaches failing to attend rules clinics to schools not reporting football scores in a timely manner – fell by 4.1 percent when compared to the 2017-18 school year.“We are also encouraged by the large percentage of student-athletes and coaches who are competing in our sports’ programs who never receive an ejection,” AHSAA Executive Director Steve Savarese said in a news release about the report. “Our goal, however, is always for each school to be fine and ejection free. It is imperative that each of us, our schools, coaches and administrators continue to emphasize daily the importance of good sportsmanship to our students, parents and communities.” A few other notable items from the report:– A total of 75 high schools were fined for 104 violations for failure to take a rules test, with 1A and 4A tying for the most at 21 apiece. Softball (19) and basketball (17) had the most coaches who missed the rules test.Head coaches at the highest level of each of a school’s sports offered are required to complete a rules test for that sport each year. Coaches had the opportunity to complete the rules test clinic style at the AHSAA Summer Conference Coaches’ School, or they could take the rules’ test online prior to the date of the sport’s first contest.– A total of 75 high schools, or 19.8% of all high schools, was cited by the AHSAA School Audit Team with a total of 84 non-sportsmanship related clerical fines. Each member school is audited each school year.– A total of 26 high schools (6.3%) was cited for unsportsmanlike incident violations which were not ejections. Class 6A had the most with 10, followed by seven in Class 5A next (7). Football was the sport cited for the most with 11. — There were a total of 258 high schools had a total of 548 student-athlete and 70 coach ejections during the 2018-19 school year. Middle and junior high school programs only had 16 student ejections and four coach ejections – a grand total of 638 total ejections for the year.– With more than 32,000 players participating in AHSAA high football in 2018-19, the 292 athlete ejections averaged 1 for every 110.8 players and computes to an ejection in 7.47% of all football games.– Of the by-law violations, no school was cited for illegal recruiting, according to the report.

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