Manchester United have already missed the boat with technical director searchIt has been more than four months since Manchester United sacked Jose Mourinho and decided that a head of football would be appointed as part of a long-overdue operational restructure.United’s behind-the-scenes stagnation began long before Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement in 2013 but it is only over the last six years that it has become obvious just how far the Reds have fallen behind Europe’s elite off the field.Ferguson was one of the last omnipotent Premier League rulers but there is no longer a place in football for that kind of all-seeing, all-knowing manager and United have failed to keep up with the development of the clubs around them.Up until the turn of the century the concept of a technical director was primarily a continental one but it is one that has been adopted by several English clubs in recent years.In fact, 75 per cent of the Premier League’s members have one. The official term varies from club to club (technical director/head of football/sporting director/director of football) but the role is essentially the same: an intermediary between a club’s board and its manager.Read the full story here.

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