All-NBA teams were announced on Thursday, which is great news for the likes of Kemba Walker. It’s not, however, great news for Klay Thompson, who missed third team All-NBA, thus cutting into his salary potential next season. He would have been eligible for 35 percent of the cap had he made the team.

Thompson was visibly miffed talking to reporters after the teams were released, alluding that journalists shouldn’t have a say in player salaries based on something so arbitrary.

On Friday’s “Off the Bench,” Danny Kanell and Raja Bell go into the All-NBA conundrum and talk about the media having a say in player salaries. In Thompson’s case, both Kanell and Bell don’t think it’s right and believe the NBPA should look into it.

“If I’m a player repping my team, I’m bringing this up at the next meeting saying we have got to fix this… you’ve got to do something to keep this from happening, because this is gonna cost [Thompson] $30 million,” Kanell said.

He used James Harden as an example of the broken system.

“The guys that voted James Harden… for All-NBA defensive team, those guys have no business having a vote for any of this,” Bell said. “If you could sit there and cast your vote for James Harden to make an All-NBA defensive team, you need to have your vote stripped.”

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