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24 Apr 2019, 11:30 IST


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Shane Long clocked at 7.69 seconds for the fastest EPL goal.Blink and you’ll miss it!Southampton’s Shane Long sets a record by scoring the fastest Premier League goal with the help of the Watford defender Craig Cathcart who struck his long pass straight into the Southampton striker which turned into a goal chance via the deflection.Long was clocked at 7.69 seconds (you read that right) making it the fastest Premier League goal ever scored, a feat previously held by Ledley King of Tottenham whose strike at Bradford in 2000 was timed at 9.82 seconds and by Alan Shearer even before that with 11 seconds.Shane Long hasn’t been up to his own standards this season, finding the net just 4 times while assisting just once this campaign. He also has been a culprit, missing 4 big chances for his team that would’ve won them some points.Long has never been a prolific goal scorer, scoring only 52 goals in 291 appearances in the Premier League even after playing in some decent clubs like Southampton, West Bromwich Albion, and Hull City. He has been used as a super sub on many occasions, which is why his appearances as a sub count are high, going all the way to 126 out of the 291 he has played. His 98 wins and 130 losses don’t account for a great career, while his previous years Premier League records display a complete dismal. His highest ever goal tally in a Premier League season came for Southampton in 2015/2016 season when he scored 10 goals 28 appearances.Long never truly kicked off his career with his national team or even at the club level and with 32 years of age, he doesn’t really have much time to work on his stats but if he continues to score and break Premier League records, you can bet he’ll be getting a good farewell.Here are some Twitter reactions of the unbelievable goal he scored:

6 seconds in, there won’t ever be a faster goal scored than this – Shane Long’s name in Premier League history forever now 😂 https://t.co/PinTLd5ZY1— Tommy Rooney (@TomasORuanaidh) April 23, 2019Ralph Hasenhuttl is so good he has even managed to get Shane Long to remember how to score again. He really does have the magic touch.— Sibs 🔰 (@SibsMUFC) April 23, 2019Shane Long’s goal was scored on 8 seconds. Definitely getting a cry of ‘whooa, whooa, didn’t know we’d started yet’ if that was at five a side.— Paddy Power (@paddypower) April 23, 2019Shane Long actually scored in 6 seconds?😂😂😂😂😂😂— fan account (@CIinicalTorress) April 23, 2019Nothing says ‘we’re just counting down the days until our FA Cup final’ quite like Shane Long scoring against you after 7 seconds.— Paddy Power (@paddypower) April 23, 2019Nothing is a lost cause. You just think it is, so you don’t even bother to try sometimes.Shane Long scores fastest goal in premiership history give up on nothing pic.twitter.com/H0JhN6bV35— Analysis GAA (@gaa_analysis) April 23, 2019

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